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Feature: Mermaid of the Month!

The Mermaid of the Month for October is Adante!  She is the antagonist to our heroine, Ilauria, which makes her one of my absolute favorite mermaids to write.  Being a member of the Venvian Psyne, as well as part of the Venvian leader’s entourage, Adante is the bad girl of the group.  It’s fitting that Adante’s month is also the month Halloween falls upon.  She is edgy, outspoken, and doesn’t back down to confrontation.  Due to her close position to the Venvian leader, she is privy to confidential knowledge that most Psyne are shielded from and Adante relishes in giving Ilauria an education she won’t soon forget.  With her long, straight black hair and sapphire blue eyes, she’s not only striking but is a force to be reckoned with.  In Luminous, Adante begins the rescue mission with a few preconceived notions regarding humans but as the story progresses, these ideas are suddenly thrown into question and she is left having to cope with the effect they have on how she views her entire life, not to mention her status as one of the Venvian.  Her character arc is not only dynamic but is revealing as well.  This stunning Psyne will also be gracing the cover of the second book in the Psyne series entitled, Prism, which will be released next spring.  Look for more on the mermaid, Adante, throughout the month!

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Feature: Mermaid of the Month!

Today is the start of a new series of posts entitled Mermaid of the Month!  At the start of each month, I’ll introduce one mermaid from my novel, Luminous, that I’ll be spotlighting and throughout the month, I’ll dedicate certain posts to her.  This is a great way for you to meet the mermaids that populate the Psyne Universe and of course, tons of fun for me to share them with you.  I’ll reveal background and trivia about them that you won’t learn about in the book so be on the lookout for your favorite Psyne to be featured in the coming months.

The Mermaid of the Month for September is Ilauria!  She is, of course, the flame-haired Psyne that graces the fabulous cover of Luminous and the first mermaid I connected with when I began writing the series.  She is my personal favorite, although I love all of my mermaids for different reasons.  Ilauria is my ideal mermaid with her gorgeous red curly hair, bright green eyes and blue-green fish tail.  If I had a chance to be a mermaid I’d want to look just like her.  In Luminous, she’s introduced as someone who has always followed the rules even when it cost her more than her heart wanted to give.  At the tender age of twenty-five hundred years old, she finally rebels in order to follow her heart.  Growing up, I was a good girl, a straight A student and for the most part, I did what the authority figures in my life expected of me.  I didn’t truly rebel in my teen years like so many of my peers.  My teenage rebellion came late in my life at age 30 when I had to rebel against the things that were keeping me from realizing my dream of writing a novel and publishing it.  Sometimes rebellions can be against our own fears and you’re never too old to rebel against that!  Look for more on the mermaid, Ilauria, throughout the month!

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