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Radiant is now available on Amazon!

Find the magic within…Radiant, my third book in the Psyne series, has been published as an eBook on Amazon! For only $2.99, this action-packed fantasy is the perfect way to end your summer!  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B014PU7RY2

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RADIANT (Psyne, #3)
A Psyne Novel
by Jasmine Angell

A mysterious pool of the past…a cave of prismatic wonders…a dying planet.

The future of two peoples hangs in the balance.

In the wake of the victory over the Council and Atargatis, a new dawn breaks for the Psyne people. Ilauria embraces her title as Lysannah and has only one goal: secure freedom for her people. But between assassination attempts, a tentative new alliance with the male Psyne, and a strained relationship with Phaedrus, the man she loves, Ilauria soon learns the precariousness of her situation.

After a violent confrontation with the Bahree, tragedy strikes and the Vahjra Child goes missing. Events continue to spiral out of control for Ilauria and her friends when a dangerous prisoner escapes, allies become enemies and a powerful Ancient bent on revenge is revealed.

Will Ilauria’s era of freedom have a chance to thrive or will it end before it’s even begun?

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Cover Reveal of Prism, the next book in the Psyne series!

I’m pleased to reveal the cover of the sequel to Luminous entitled Prism, available as a Kindle ebook on Saturday, June 28, 2014.  My graphic designer, Joanna Bishop, worked her magic on this book cover and I’m thrilled with how it looks.  Featuring the character, Adante, she brings drama and intrigue to Prism.  I’m a total font junkie and I love the customized font used for the title, Prism.  Self-published authors and publishing houses alike agonize over their book covers knowing that they are the visual representation of the story inside.  Book covers are one of the first and best marketing tools an author has to reach their audience initially, despite the adage “Don’t judge a book by its cover”.  It’s hard not to do, especially since human beings are largely visual.  For a self-published author like me, I feel like jumping for joy every time I see the cover of Luminous and this newest one of Prism because they are my dreams come to life, so to speak.  Seeing my name attached to an actual book cover is one of the singular joys of my life.  For all you aspiring authors, that’s what you get to look forward to and all those published authors, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  It’s surreal.  So over the next week, I’ll explore this topic of book covers in depth and share my own experiences with you as I get ready to release Prism.

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Feature: The Mermaid of the Month is Shivan! (Part One)

For the month of November, I’d like to introduce you to the third Psyne who rounds out the trinity of mermaids in my novel, Luminous.  Her name is Shivan and she holds the position of mentor, a title that comes with much honor and prestige.  As mentor, it is her job to train the young Psyne in her charge.  She is the long-time friend of Ilauria, and while Ilauria is younger and has the tendency let her passions influence her, Shivan is older and wiser.  At thirty-five hundred years old, the golden blonde with the light green eyes still retains her twenty-year-old appearance but her many years of experience have tempered her judgment.  She acts as mediator between Ilauria and the volatile, Adante, but Shivan also harbors a deep, dark secret she has never divulged to Ilauria.  Like the other mermaids, Shivan has many layers to her character and Luminous gets at the heart of what she holds most valuable.  When the stakes are raised, Shivan has the power to end their rescue mission or to ensure its success.  Look for more on this fascinating mermaid later on in November!


Feature: Mermaid of the Month!

The Mermaid of the Month for October is Adante!  She is the antagonist to our heroine, Ilauria, which makes her one of my absolute favorite mermaids to write.  Being a member of the Venvian Psyne, as well as part of the Venvian leader’s entourage, Adante is the bad girl of the group.  It’s fitting that Adante’s month is also the month Halloween falls upon.  She is edgy, outspoken, and doesn’t back down to confrontation.  Due to her close position to the Venvian leader, she is privy to confidential knowledge that most Psyne are shielded from and Adante relishes in giving Ilauria an education she won’t soon forget.  With her long, straight black hair and sapphire blue eyes, she’s not only striking but is a force to be reckoned with.  In Luminous, Adante begins the rescue mission with a few preconceived notions regarding humans but as the story progresses, these ideas are suddenly thrown into question and she is left having to cope with the effect they have on how she views her entire life, not to mention her status as one of the Venvian.  Her character arc is not only dynamic but is revealing as well.  This stunning Psyne will also be gracing the cover of the second book in the Psyne series entitled, Prism, which will be released next spring.  Look for more on the mermaid, Adante, throughout the month!

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The Mermaid Reinvented!

One question I get asked frequently about Luminous is why I chose to write about mermaids.  The answer is simple:  Mermaids capture the imagination.  And they’re just plain awesome!  But seriously, I’m not alone in my fascination with these beings surrounded in myth and magic.  Artists through the centuries have been enthralled by them, for example Lord Frederic Leighton and John William Waterhouse (I love Pre-Raphaelite art) and more recently Sheila Wolk, David Delamare and Victor Nizovtsev.  Poets and writers alike such as Alfred Lord Tennyson, Hans Christian Andersen and John Keats have kept the mermaid alive in our cultural mind.   Mermaids represent beauty to me.  They are the perfect union of human and nature, the tame and the wild.  They are pure freedom.  As a child, they made my imagination soar but as I grew into my teen years and beyond, I became frustrated with the limited way in which they were portrayed in our culture.  Most are familiar with the naiveté and innocence of Disney’s The Little Mermaid and the deadly beauty portrayed in the more recent, Pirates of the Caribbean:  On Stranger Tides as well as the shallow portrayal of the mermaids in Disney’s Peter Pan.  To me, these stereotypes were limiting and didn’t come close to how extraordinary I imagined mermaids to be.  The mermaid is one of the most persisting female archetypes through history and yet she hasn’t done any of the real women I’ve known in my life any justice at all.  Hence, my Psyne were born—mermaids reinvented!

Luminous FB Banner cropped for press release

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Feature: Mermaid of the Month!

Today is the start of a new series of posts entitled Mermaid of the Month!  At the start of each month, I’ll introduce one mermaid from my novel, Luminous, that I’ll be spotlighting and throughout the month, I’ll dedicate certain posts to her.  This is a great way for you to meet the mermaids that populate the Psyne Universe and of course, tons of fun for me to share them with you.  I’ll reveal background and trivia about them that you won’t learn about in the book so be on the lookout for your favorite Psyne to be featured in the coming months.

The Mermaid of the Month for September is Ilauria!  She is, of course, the flame-haired Psyne that graces the fabulous cover of Luminous and the first mermaid I connected with when I began writing the series.  She is my personal favorite, although I love all of my mermaids for different reasons.  Ilauria is my ideal mermaid with her gorgeous red curly hair, bright green eyes and blue-green fish tail.  If I had a chance to be a mermaid I’d want to look just like her.  In Luminous, she’s introduced as someone who has always followed the rules even when it cost her more than her heart wanted to give.  At the tender age of twenty-five hundred years old, she finally rebels in order to follow her heart.  Growing up, I was a good girl, a straight A student and for the most part, I did what the authority figures in my life expected of me.  I didn’t truly rebel in my teen years like so many of my peers.  My teenage rebellion came late in my life at age 30 when I had to rebel against the things that were keeping me from realizing my dream of writing a novel and publishing it.  Sometimes rebellions can be against our own fears and you’re never too old to rebel against that!  Look for more on the mermaid, Ilauria, throughout the month!

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