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Feature: The Mermaid of the Month is Adante! (Part Three)

Happy Halloween!  To conclude the month of October, I’m posting one last Mermaid of the Month feature on one of my minor antagonists, the Venvian Psyne named Adante.  In Luminous, Adante experiences the wonders of ‘first love’ but it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.  For the first time, she’s unsure of herself and she feels out of control which is a sensation she’s not familiar with and doesn’t like in the least.  Many of us have experienced that feeling of ‘first love’ as well as the inevitable choice we face:  do we pursue it even though we risk getting our heart broken or do we shun it, at the cost of regretting the decision the rest of our lives?

For my Venvian Psyne, falling in love is extra complicated.  They are taught to hate humans, especially human men.  Adante’s emotions are confusing to her, to say the least. For the Psyne, falling in love with a human doesn’t mean there will necessarily be a happy ending.  Succumbing to emotions such as love is seen as far too human and is one of the cardinal rules strictly enforced in their society.  If a Psyne decides to become human in order to stay with the object of her love, she doesn’t need to seek out a sea witch for the spell.  All she has to do is use her own magic, denying her Psyne form and embracing her human form in its entirety from that moment forth.  But choosing love comes with a price:  by becoming human, she will have a fear of the ocean for the rest of her life and the touch of saltwater will always feel like acid to her skin.  As if that isn’t bad enough, there is the danger of being discovered by the Bahree, the Psyne Council’s secret police, whose job it is to hunt down Psyne-turned-humans, otherwise known as defectors, and take them away from their human love, torture them, convert them back to their Psyne form and take them back to the Council to be sentenced to an eternity of imprisonment on the exile planet, Dervitika.  If only love was simple…

Adante Trivia:  The inspiration for her name came from a fellow classmate I knew in high school.  Adante is an unusual name and to me, it exudes strength and mystery.  Names are important in fiction and this name fit my character like a glove.

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Feature: The Mermaid of the Month is Adante (Part Two)

In September, the Mermaid of the Month was Ilauria, but because the days got away from me, I was only able to do two posts total on her.  This month I’m going to be more diligent and post more on Adante.  Adante is the Venvian Psyne who is forced to help Ilauria and her friend, Shivan search for their missing sisters on Earth.  Although she isn’t the main antagonist in Luminous (there are far more formidable bad guys to contend with) Adante is Ilauria’s opposite in many ways which makes her a lot of fun to read about.  Adante’s physical attributes were taken directly from my all-time favorite super heroine, Wonder Woman.  I think I was four years old when I first saw Lynda Carter on TV with her golden Lasso of Truth and her red lipstick and I was a fan for life.  Adante has Wonder Woman’s deep blue eyes, pale skin and shiny black hair.  But that’s where the similarities end.  Our Venvian is full of attitude, outrage and angst.  When she’s not rolling her eyes, shaking her head with disdain or crossing her arms with an aloof flick of her hair, she’s using her whip-like tongue to put others in their place or “enlighten” them in her own unique way.  She detests being controlled, abhors censorship and rejects any restrictions to her freedom.  She excels at pushing people’s buttons, lives to break the rules and always thinks outside of the box.  Adante is all the things Ilauria can’t be and won’t let herself be because Ilauria is loyal to the Council.  Look for more on this dynamic character later in the month…I promise!