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Enchanting People Gravitate Towards Other Enchanting People…

This post continues the spotlight on the Artists of Luminous and today I’m introducing you to the ever-talented, amazingly-creative Joanna Bishop.  The story of how I met Joanna starts where the post on Abigail Sloan left off.  Abigail and Joanna had become friends years earlier and had bonded over their many shared interests including their love of creating art.  Joanna holds a Bachelor of Fine Art degree from Brigham Young University-Idaho and has worked in graphic design for a number of years.  When I began the search for a graphic designer to create the cover of Luminous, I was at a loss.  I knew I needed someone who shared my love of fantasy and who could inject the right amount of magic into the project.  When I asked Abigail if she knew of anyone who fit my criteria, she immediately recommended Joanna.  After my first meeting with her, I knew Joanna was the perfect choice to give my Psyne novel a proper home.  Her professionalism and expertise was, and is, unparalleled.  Collaborating with her was such a phenomenal experience and the cover she produced was light years ahead of my wildest dreams.  She took the image of my Ilauria painting and created the kind of book cover that will rival any best-selling cover out there!  One of my all-time favorite elements is the ethereal font she custom created and it is true to its name—absolutely luminous.  She also designed an incredible website which I’m hoping will go ‘live’ later this year as well as promotional materials for Luminous.  I can’t say enough about how pleased I am and I’m super excited to begin working with her on the cover of the sequel, Prism, in the very near future.   Her vision is truly magical!   Not only do I have a simply stunning book cover to enchant readers with but I’ve gained a cherished friend as well.  Check out this fantastic artist and designer at her websites:

The Black Umbrella

Joanna’s Facebook