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Another One Bites the Dust – NaNoWriMo Update

After 17 days of taking the National Novel Writing Month challenge, I have a newfound respect for those who stick with it and successfully meet the goal of 50,000 words.  The first week was rather enjoyable for me with the story flowing easily and it was wonderful to be back writing after such a long absence.  The second week was a bit more trying with more time spent plotting than writing and it became harder to find time to meet my daily quota.  When I wasn’t able to write one day, I was fairly good at making up the words the next day as well as meeting the quota for that day which meant an extra long amount of writing.  But that too became harder to do.  As you can see in my log below, during the latest week, I haven’t written or even been able to make up for the day before.  While I was hoping to do better, I try not to be too hard on myself.  There’s a good reason that I haven’t attempted this writing challenge before and that reason is the holidays.  In years past, I’ve taken a break from writing in November and December to concentrate on all of the 1001 things I do to get ready for the holidays including entertaining, family visits, Christmas decorating, holiday activities, parties, cooking and with two small children to raise full time, I need every spare second I can muster.  This year appears to be no different. In American culture, the preparations for the holidays largely fall on the women and it can be quite the undertaking on top of the tasks of daily life.  It makes me wish National Writing Month was in the spring or summer when life is less demanding. While I will continue to work on my novel this month, I owe it to myself and my family not to become a crazed lunatic and so I won’t put a ton of pressure on myself.  Life is all about priorities and while the writer in me is balking at the idea of being put on the back burner, being a writer is not the only role I play and I need to fulfill my other responsibilities as well.  So all you writers out there, especially writer moms, be kind to yourself during this, the busiest time of the year!
Log-  Day #1: 1670 words + 743= 2413, Day #2:  1947, Day #3:  1705, Day #4:  1768, Day #5:  1673, Day #6:  0, Day #7: (make up day: 1697) and 1841, Day #8: 0, Day #9:  (make up day: 1690) and 776, Day #10:  (make-up day:  894) and 1160, Day #11:  (needed to make up day: 510) and 270, Day #12:  761, Day #13:  1763, Day #14:  0, Day #15:  0, Day #16: 0, Day #17: 0