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Cakes, Cakes, Cakes (Part Two)

Here’s part two of my blog post on my healthy obsession with decorating cakes:  A year ago last January (2014), I opted for a simple frosted cake for my two-year-old’s birthday since I was still recovering from the craziness of the holidays (I felt like they had chewed me up and spit me out at least a dozen times, do you ever feel that way?). He loves trains so I tried something a little different and literally forced myself not to use fondant.  I used the train from the movie, The Little Engine That Could (2011) as my inspiration.

choo choo cake

It’s not my favorite cake (it’s a bit too messy for me, I like the clean lines achieved by using fondant) but my son loved it and the candy-filled cars were a big hit with the kids attending the party.

coal carMmm…a train car full of coal (licorice)

lego candiesMmm…candy legos

candy rocksMmm…candy rocks

ball candiesMmm…chocolate baseballs, soccor balls, basketballs, footballs and tennis balls.

By February, I needed a long break from cakes as I had done too many in such a short amount of time and it was losing its appeal for me. (I couldn’t even eat cake, I was so over it!) With a nice break over the next few months, I recovered and finally felt like doing a cake at the beginning of summer.  I’d seen it on Pinterest:  a KitKat cake!

kitkat cake1
Many of you cake enthusiasts have probably seen versions of this cake on Pinterest and around the web, using colorful M&Ms or other candies. The cake was for my husband (the lucky guy) and I incorporated Almond Joy candy pieces on the top, alternating with Rolo caramels.

kitkat cake2

The cake was a chocolate cake from scratch which just didn’t turn out very well, it might have been the higher elevation but I’ve never had much luck with cake recipes, I go with boxed mixes most of the time which everyone loves. If I make this cake again, I’ll just use brownie mix, yum!

kitkat cake3

The filling is a coconut and almond sliver mixture (double yum!). With all the candy it was a heavy, heavy cake but super fun to make!

Ducky leaning
But not all of my creations turn out quite the way I hope they would. Case in point, the cake I did for my son on his first birthday. It was a Rubber Ducky themed party and so I thought I’d try doing my first cake from a mold.

Cute Ducky from side

Aw, isn’t that the cutest little ducky?  The idea of a 3-D yellow duck cake fit great with the party theme but I encountered one major problem: as I was just about finished piping on the yellow frosting all over the duck, the duck’s head literally rolled right off the body!

Duck fell apart

I was horrified because serving a decapitated duck birthday cake to guests was NOT my idea of a party (maybe a Halloween party but not a first bday party!). I realized I should have used a denser cake mix like pound cake which would’ve been able to withstand the added weight of the frosting as well as gravity (pesky gravity!).  Freezing the cake for a few hours before piping on the frosting would have also given it more support.  Live and learn, lol!

Salvaged duck cake

So I did what any self-respecting cake maker does: I cut the headless duck’s body in half, laid it on its side, cut the duck’s head in half, set in on its side and wah-lah, my 2-D duck cake was saved! (Thanks for that idea, mom!)
Watch for more of my cake creations in the near future. Coming up: a super fun How To Train Your Dragon 2 cake and a Disney’s Frozen cake featuring everything Elsa.