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My Very First Author Interview


Today my very first author interview has been posted on the enchanting blog of fellow writer, Sara C. Snider.  Everything from belly dancing, cake making, and of course, my novel, Luminous, is covered.  There’s also an exclusive excerpt from the book revealed, it’s one of my favorite parts of the book.  Be sure to check it out today and leave your comments on her blog!  http://saracsnider.com/interview-with-author-jasmine-angell/

Author: Jasmine Angell

I'm an Arizona native living in Salt Lake City, Utah. I'm the author of the YA fantasy novels, The Psyne Series, and on a daily basis I juggle the creative life with a happily energetic family life. I love reading, dancing, snowboarding, and planning Victorian tea parties. I'm obsessed with all things Steampunk and I'm certifiably horse crazy.

2 thoughts on “My Very First Author Interview

  1. Thanks for the interview, Jasmine! Was great getting to know you a bit. 🙂

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