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Have You Ever Seen A Steampunk Mermaid?


Steampunk cake for Abby

Have I mentioned that I love making fondant cakes about once or twice a year?  One of my favorite pastimes is looking at all of the amazing cakes on Pinterest and then I like to challenge myself to recreate one that catches my eye.  To me, fondant is just play doh for adults and I love playing with sugar in all of its delectable forms.   After all of the hard work and inevitable stress that goes along with self-publishing a novel, I was itching to release some steam with putting my energies into a cake, no pun intended.  This is a Steampunk-themed cake I made for my dear friend and the artist responsible for the artwork on the cover of my novel, Luminous, Abigail Sloan.  For those of you not familiar with what Steampunk is (I’ve only just begun to get a grasp on it), it’s a delightful sub-genre of fantasy set in an alternate history of the British Victorian era where steam-powered machinery is featured.  Clockwork, automatons, airships and goggles are staples of Steampunk.  Since Abigail was the one responsible for introducing me to Steampunk via the Salt City Steamfest last July, it was quite the treat to create this cake using her unmistakable style as inspiration.  The top hat with the corset laces is classic and the red and black bustle was a must.  You can’t have a Steampunk cake without an octopus, or rather a Kraken (thank you, Jules Verne)!  One of my favorite parts of the cake is how one of the Kraken’s tentacles is grasping a purple paint brush, a nod to the artist of course.  Shiny black goggles, skeleton keys and ornate Victorian locks were also essential items and I liked how the softness of the purple and red roses balanced out the hardness of the metalwork.  Every element of this chocolate cake is edible with the exception of the paint brush and the metal spirals.  You may be wondering what that rather large, fan-like object is at the front of the cake and if you know me at all, you know I had to include a mermaid’s tail!  It’s purple, which is so Abigail and the shape of the tail, reminiscent of bat’s wings, also screams Abigail’s idea of the ultimate mermaid tail.  The silver metallic pieces that adorn the tail tie this most mythical of fantasy creatures into the Steampunk world.  If Jules Vern had lived to be 100 years old, he would have most certainly written about mermaids!Steampunk Mermaid tail


Author: Jasmine Angell

I'm an Arizona native living in Salt Lake City, Utah. I'm the author of the YA fantasy novels, The Psyne Series, and on a daily basis I juggle the creative life with a happily energetic family life. I love reading, dancing, snowboarding, and planning Victorian tea parties. I'm obsessed with all things Steampunk and I'm certifiably horse crazy.

6 thoughts on “Have You Ever Seen A Steampunk Mermaid?

  1. That’s so cool! What a wonderful hobby. You and I need to be friends! 🙂 Congratulations on your book release!

  2. What a gorgeous cake! Is the Salt City Steamfest a regular event? Sounds fun! You should re-make this cake for the fest, if it is a regular thing!

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